We are currently accepting applications for male and female strippers, dancers, or exotic performers in the Midwest.

Many of our dancers earn over $100K a year and many of our employees have said that working for Striptease U.S.A. is a "a privilege and pleasure."

If you are hired to work for us, the No. 1 requirement we have is that you're always punctual to every party you are booked for!

Please read the below requirements and then fill out the online application that follows it.

Photo or Video Requirements
1.  You must send at least one picture or video to us via email to: 
2.  The picture or video must be a body shot.
3.  The picture or video must either be current or taken within the last 90 days.
4.  We do not require a nude photo or video of yourself but if you do send one, you
must me 18 years or older.
5.  Please note that any pictures or video you send may be used on this website unless you specify that it not be used.

Interviewing and Hiring Process
1.  Once your picture or video has been received, a face-to-face interview will then be arranged to verify your identity, age, etc.
2.  In-person interviews are also conducted to insure that you are appropriate for our agency.
3.  All strippers, dancers, and party performers are required to buy their own costumes but we can help you with ideas.
4.  Once you are hired, you will be booked for clubs and private parties throughout the area that we cover.

STRIPTEASE U.S.A.  Application for Employment
Full Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Prior experience:
Attach Picture 1:
Attach Picture 2:
Attach Picture 3:

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